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"Vincent-Crillo -Highway Run for Heroes -TRIBUTE Rally"-

-JOIN US- on November 9, 2014 at Centennial Park Trenton ON with your classic vehicle, motorcycle or family van, everyone and every FLAG DRAPED vehicle is welcome to attend. Let’s SHOW the World that we stand UNITED behind our soldiers and their families. Please donate with the PayPal tab on this website or mail in a check to the address below.


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MISSION STATEMENT For the Friends of Veterans Canada charity.
Our mission for the Friends of Veterans Canada (FOVC) is to gather Canadian Veteran’s stories on HD video tape and to pass those stories of war we have gathered onto a younger generation of Canadians through our online "Veterans Video Library" in the future. We know that in 5-10 even 100 years from now and beyond our "Veterans Video Library” will be one of the only records that has documented our Veteran’s stories from actual Canadian veterans.

In May of 2010 the FOVC set up a journey back to the Netherlands for 11 WW2 veterans, 2 wounded Afghanistan veterans and 4 peacekeepers to experience the love and respect from the people of the Netherlands.

It was our honour to have been a part of that historical journey. The documentary that we made about the trip back to the Netherlands called “A Liberation Story” is available for your donation and enjoyment.

Soon after we returned to Canada after the trip, two of the veterans died and it was a sad time but knowing that their stories were saved was a good feeling for their families.

It was heart warming to have been part of the group, along with our donors, that took my veteran’s back to where they fought for the last time. Yvon Pare from Montreal, had the chance to say goodbye to the brother he lost on DDay. He said at his brother grave side that his mother would have like to have said goodbye and that he hoped they his Brother and Mother were together in Haven. No one from his family had been to his grave. We did that for him.

We have recorded over 300 hours of Canadian veteran’s stories from 156 veterans so far from all over Canada. We cannot continue recording veteran’s stories without donations from the public. If you could see the look on the veteran’s face that we interview you would not hesitate to make a donation. They are so appreciative of sharing their history for young Canadians. They crawled through the mud and the blood, they swam through oil soaked water, they went down in flames for us and watched many of their friends die. We owe them to remember what they did. An organisation like ours wants to save their stories for you. If you have a veteran in your family please record their story right away, you may never get another chance. And if you have lost a veteran in your family I know that you wish you had recorded that veteran’s story for your family history. You can help us record their stories for Canada’s history. It is a great feeling and you can share in that joy by donating to our cause TODAY.

Our WW2 veterans are passing away more and more everyday. A peacekeeper we had interviewed 4 years ago said something very profound he said “When a veteran dies its like a Library burning to the ground” He is so right; time is short for some of our veterans, so please consider donating to our very important cause.

Let those who come after, not let their names be forgotten.

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